Interoperability stakeholder session held Jan 11, 2019

On Friday January 11, the Interoperability Team held a stakeholder session to share the initial vision and results of the first week of the three-week discovery exercise. Attendees viewed live, real-time testing of two user scenarios.

Scenario #1 followed an administrative user as she went through the process of providing access to online training for her staff.

Scenario #2 followed an end user while she tried to sign up for the online training as an affiliate (UW Health employee) outside of UW–‍Madison employee status.

Attendees were taken through the discovery exercise process — a “walk the walls” of how the first week unfolded, from the user stories gathered to the themes and pain points that emerged to the ways in which we might begin to look for technology solutions.

Whiteboard wall panels indicated the stages the exercise participants identified:

  1. User stories
  2. Themes that emerged
  3. Long-term goal
  4. Design sprint questions
  5. Scenario development
  6. “How might we…?”
  7. Storyboard ideas
  8. Technology needed

A lengthy Q&A session followed. An FAQ section to this site will be coming soon.