Based on efforts to date and initial input from campus partners, the Interoperability team completed and reported recommendations for shorter-term efforts as well as mid- to long-term projects.

Project Timeline

High-Level Milestones

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  • Identified areas of opportunity for improving process, procedure, and infrastructure during several design sprints held with full Interop Team and University partners
  • Initial architectural designs for technology infrastructure components developed through analysis of current state
  • Initiative timeline and budget finalized with executive sponsor approval to start detailed planning
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•  Program Kickoff event held with campus partners

  Review and feedback sessions with UW community members to assess needs

  Initial infrastructure and functional designs refined and validated through research and discussion with peers and other outside partners (e.g.: BYU, Gartner, Unicon, CPrime)

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  • Procurement processes (RFI and RFP) completed with participation from the Interop team and University partners
  • Key software products procured to facilitate improvements in user experience, data integration, and onboarding to new services and resources
  • Implementation partners secured to assist staff with deploying new software
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•  Integration Platform service launched using Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS)

•  Onboarding to new Integration Platform

•  Software implementations begin with midPoint, Grouper, and Salesforce Experience Cloud

  Close collaboration with Office of Data Management and Analytic Services (ODMAS) on access, sharing, and use of institutional data

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  • “Integrator Portal” website release (integrator portal is a way to access, use, and share data at UW-Madison)
  • Integration Platform Service buildout to include API and event-based management capabilities (Apigee software)
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•  “Profile” digital experience release (profile is a personalized self-service experience that helps users to view and interact with key credentials, personal data, and processes)

•  Facilitated rollout of new services and functionality to University Partners

Feedback loop

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