Process & progress

Based on efforts to date and initial input from campus partners, the Interoperability team completed and reported recommendations for shorter-term efforts as well as mid- to long-term projects. With funding approved, work began late in FY2019.

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Program kickoff

The Interoperability Transformation Initiative held its official kickoff event at Union South July 22, 2019. Members of the program and development team were joined by stakeholders and interested parties from across the university. After a welcome from UW–Madison CIO Lois Brooks, the program team presented the newly developed service principles. Feedback was requested from the more than 60 attendees to ensure that all perspectives are being accounted for as the project moves forward. The team also presented a high-level illustration of what interoperability is and where the program is headed.

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Image of condensed Interop roadmap

The completion of the initial planning phases culminated in the development of the Interoperability Transformation Initiative Roadmap. This document was presented to the initiative executive sponsors as a recommended course of action and has been approved. The initiative team will follow this document during the implementation phases.

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Project Timeline

High-Level Milestones

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• Refine standards, frameworks
• Identify business domains
• Define deployment/pipeline infrastructure strategy

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• Discussions and needs assessment with the UW community
• Product assessment and vendor discussions
• Proofs of concept
• Research and validation with outside partners and material (e.g. Unicon, CPrime, Gartner)

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• Implement minimally viable products (MVPs)
• Initiate RFI and/or RFP for capabilities and requirements
• Model domains and data
• Enhance existing EBOs and create additional EBOs
• Build guided integration experience MVP
• Develop role-based access API MVP
• Deploy profile & login processes
• Build & deploy self-registration process

Feedback loop

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