Interoperability Architecture

Technical architecture  Interoperability High Level Architecture

This diagram gives a high-level view of Interoperability’s technical architecture and includes information about how it technically relates to Badger Analytics.  The black ovals refer to goals on Interop’s Goals page.

Diagram in detail

  • This graphic depicts the flow of data from systems of record on the left (CRM, student, employee, curriculum, financial, facilities, housing, teaching & learning, research admin), through systems that enable secure integration, reporting, and visualization in the center, to consuming systems and use cases on the right.
  • Interoperability infrastructure provides access for business process, application, and operational data integration.
  • Badger Analytics provides access to data for the purposes of reporting, visualization, and business intelligence.
  • The Integration Platform (Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services) enables self-service, low/no-code systems integration, better visibility into the UW data integration ecosystem, and easier integration with cloud platforms through built-in connectors. (Goal 1)
  • For API consumers, the developer portal and API management platform enable a common place to find UW APIs, view standards-based documentation, quickly test and request access to APIs. For API producers, the API management platform provides a place to make APIs available using platform-provided security and access controls. (Goal 1)
  • The Profile Application and the Constituent Identity and Access Management system enable end users to view and ultimately manage their data and will provide a more consistent experience by standardizing end-user data across the UW ecosystem. (Goal 3)
  • Identity Governance enables role-based access and provisioning across the UW ecosystem and connected systems. (Goal 2)

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