Upcoming Changes to Application Integration Tools

In the coming weeks, technologists who support applications that access Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) services through the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) will transition to using new tools for their work. The move is just one of many components aimed at achieving the Interoperability Initiative goal of providing integration systems that enable accurate, scalable, controlled, and automated movement of university data and university business objectives.

The DoIT Integration Platform Team is currently leading a shift away from WSO2 Enterprise Integrator, a vendor-provided ESB with an aging code base of customizations, to a new solution utilizing services in Amazon Web Services (AWS). The move will increase efficiency, reduce costs, enable service provider autonomy, and put the university in a position to strategically leverage the capabilities of the AWS suite in the future.

WSO2 ESB migration requires a simple configuration change and confirming that a user’s application can connect to the new environment. The window for migrating to the new environment is open now and will close on May 19.

For more information on the migration, please visit the migration guide or contact the DoIT Integration Platform Team at  integration-platform@doit.wisc.edu.

— DoIT Integration Platform Team