Statements of Work Finalized for Identity Governance and Administration Vendor

Progress on Interop continues to roll on as Statements of work were finalized and signed with Unicon.  The vendor will help the initiative team implement the midPoint and Grouper, the selected tools for revamping Identity Governance and Administration processes. Initial joint planning is slated to start within the next two weeks and Grouper and Midpoint training are being planned for June.

In addition, the API manager RFP response reviews are nearly completed, a vendor selection process for the implementation of Salesforce as the Customer Identity Access Management solution is underway in conjunction with the campus CRM initiative, and a task force of Administrative Transformation Program and Interop team members have begun work on a roadmap for coordination of the two large initiatives.

As always, if you have questions regarding this update or would like to further engage with the Interoperability Team, please connect with us through one of the various methods on this website.