Interop team wrapping Phase 1, prepping Phase 2

Interoperability diagram

The Interoperability Transformation Initiative is rapidly approaching the end of phase 1. The program and development teams have been focused on conducting industry, higher education, and user research to determine better recommendations for acquiring or creating tools and processes necessary to make the initiative successful. Many groups and individuals from across the university have been involved in this process, and their insights and input have been valuable to the work undertaken in phase 1. The team looks forward to continued collaboration as it heads into phase 2. Future initiative deliverables will be made available where possible.

Here is a summary of the recent initiative activity:

  • Refined all of the service design principles and developed “how-to” guides for four of the principles.
  • Initiated the development of the Person Enterprise Business Object (EBO) during two EventStorming sessions with representatives from across the university.
  • Identified and initiated the construction of several specific deliverables towards an Integration Platform, API Gateway, and Developer Portal environment, including:
    • scope identification
    • Event hub architecture
    • integration strategy
    • capability map and Fit/Gap analysis
    • work breakdown and estimates
  • Identified and initiated the construction of several specific deliverables towards an Identity and Access Management environment, including:
    • consumer IAM concept overview
    • IAM vendor requirements and functional grouping
    • work breakdown and estimates
  • Created an Interoperability channel on the Distributed Developers Community of Practice Microsoft Team to enable real-time participation and feedback from university developers.

Stay tuned for more updates as the initiative closes out phase 1 and begins phase 2 activities.