Improvements to data access, sharing and usage

Accessing, sharing, and using university data can be challenging at best. To address the pain points experienced by the wide variety of users across the campus who use institutional data in their work, the Interoperability Initiative recently launched its second major deliverable: the Data Integration Portal.

The portal’s purpose is to create a findable and intuitive way for those who use institutional data in their work to access guidance, documentation, and support. The centralized resources will help users better understand the improved process for accessing, sharing, and using data. The portal also supports Interoperability’s goals of self-service, efficiency, and improved user experiences.

Who will find the portal valuable?

The Data Integration Portal is for people who need to do the following kinds of work:

  • Find and access institutional data needed to make business decisions
  • Obtain university approval to add a new tool
  • Establish NetID login for a new tool, app, or vendor software solution
  • Pull data into a new or existing tool, app, or vendor software solution

The portal will also help experienced technologists understand the transition from current data integration practices to consistent, transparent, repeatable and sustainable practices that are aligned with data security, governance, and policy.

How can I access the portal and provide feedback?

The Data Integration Portal is available now at Please take some time to browse through the guides, training and other resources. This is intended to be a living site, open to additions and updates that make it more useful and a more complete source of information. Please share your thoughts via the feedback form found on the Interoperability Initiative website.

Thank you for your interest and continuing support.

– The Interoperability Team