Identity Governance & Administration team begins sprinting

At the end of June, the Interop Identity Governance and Administration team held their kickoff meeting with implementation vendor Unicon and initiated their design sprints. The team is working on foundational parts, getting local/sandbox development environments working and laying the groundwork for continuous integration/continuous delivery that will flow to an Amazon Web Services development environment. A timeline for next steps is in development.

In other focus areas, the API Manager RFP process continues with the final scoring expected by mid-July. Salesforce vendor recommendations regarding Customer Identity and Access Management are expected by mid-July as well. In addition, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services Minimum Viable Product is expected to be completed by the end of August. Current work in that area includes playbook content for flat-file integrations with Box, validation of sub-organization architecture recommendation with Informatica, and evaluation of external documentation user experience.

As always, if you have questions regarding this update or would like to further engage with the Interoperability Team, please connect with us through one of the various methods on this website.