API solution and implementation partner selected

Despite a reduction in staff availability as focus turned to the heavy reliance on technology for the start of the 2020 fall semester, the Interop team pushed forward to achieve some key accomplishments.

The API Management Platform RFP process resulted in the selection of Google Apigee as the API Manager solution. The process also selected Mountain State Software Solutions as the implementation partner to assist in the platform rollout.

In addition, Salesforce vendor recommendations regarding Customer Identity and Access Management resulted in the selection of Huron as implementation partner for the CIAM portion of the initiative. The initiative team is currently finalizing a Statement of Work with Huron to initiate implementation and recently completed an internal team kickoff to provide an overview of the plans to gather stakeholder input, ensure understanding around user pain points, and evaluate current designs/mockups.

As always, if you have questions regarding this update or would like to further engage with the Interoperability Team, please connect with us through one of the various methods on this website.